Sunday, June 11, 2006

Updates: June 2006

This is my tentative schedule for the month. This list is not going to have any tentative posting dats, as I find them to hard to keep up with. The list itself includes both chaptered fics, and one-shots. They're in the order of highest priority to least.

Teh List
1. Crimson Angel~Part III [FFVII] (Reader/Vincent) 20% complete
2. A Romantic Dream~One-Shot [FFVIII/KH2] (Reader/Seifer) 15% complete
3. Redemption~One-Shot [FFVII] (Reader/Vincent) Not Yet Started
4. Crayons~One-Shot [FFVIII/KH] (Reader/Squall) Not Yet Started
5. Some Untitled Fic~One-Shot [FFVII] (Reader/Vincent) Not Yet Started
6. Reason For Living~One-Shot [FFX/KH2] (Reader/Auron) Not Yet Started
7. Nothing Personal~Chapter II [Naruto] (Reader/Neji) 95% complete

Journal: Last Day of Freedom

Gah-ness! This is my last day of Summer Break!!! And most of it was wasted as my parents made me go shopping with them. I intended to use the last bits of my time to type, but oh-no! So I nothing done today. It's sad really. But I've planned out my proiorities for the summer...well the remainder of this month actually.

So I've ranted...I don't think I should rant more...that would be tiresome. I can't wait until August, so I can get FFVII: Dirge of Cerberus...yes I am a Vinny fangirl. A big one...I'm obsessed with his cloak!!!! Okay...I think I'm done. So anyway...Later Days~!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Journal: Untitled

Hehe~! I'm so glad that I finally finished Casanova! Currently...I am working a little bit on A Romantic Dream, my Seifer fic...and sadly...I don't think I'm getting anywhere. If you look on my plot bunny list, I have a fic planned that's called Crayons. I have this urge to start typing away...maybe it's because of my Squall/Leon obsession!

Anyway...I don't think that I'm going to get much done...and I'm dreading Monday...SUMMER SCHOOL!!! I promise that I shall try to type over the weekends, and after school ends. I am glad, however, that SS only lasts for six after it end, I still have about a month of free time! Okay...Hikari says...Later Days~!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Plot Bunny: June 2006 List

As I promised, here's my list of plot bunnies! If anyone want's a summary, please don't hesitate to ask! And be sure to check back regularly! I plan to update this as plot bunnies come and go. And also, the titles will be moved on to my list of updates if/when I start them.

Chaptered Fics



1. Redemption [Final Fantasy VII] (Reader/Vincent) {One-shot collection}
To include the following one-shot's:
  • Savior
  • Demon Inside
  • Longing
  • Crimson Awesomeness
  • Sacrifice
  • Angel
    2. Someone To Protect [Final Fantasy VIII/Kingdom Hearts 2] (Reader/Seifer)
    3. Do You Believe? [Final Fantasy VIII/Kingdom Hearts] (Reader/Squall or Leon)
    4. [blank]
    5. [blank]
    6. [blank]
    7. [blank]
    8. [blank]
    9. [blank]
    10. [blank]

    * indicates that the fic will most likely be dropped
    Italic indicates that the fic is likely to be created
    Bold indicates that the fic has been planned out
  • Journal: New Update...

    After working my butt off today...I'm pleased to say that I have finally finished my Riku one-shot, Casanova, and that it's been posted on both Lunaescence and Freedom of Speech. Next on my agenda is...a Seifer one-shot, I think. Then again, I do have some other stuff that I want to write. I'll get a plotbunny/stories to come post up soon. In a little while, after I finish this journal thing.

    I'm surprised that it took so long to finish! X_X I hope that my other stuffies don't take as long. I guess I could also work on my two chaptered fics...although I have a nasty case of writer's block for both of them, so I think that I'll be sticking with one-shots for a while.

    In other news, I'm starting summer school on Monday (the 12th), so don't expect any updates from me, be it story wise or blog wise. I mean, I'll try but...hehe I hate summer school! At least it only lasts for about six weeks...and I can probably get some stuff done on paper. Only problem...I'll have to type it all out later. Anyway, Hikari says...Later Days~!

    Friday, June 02, 2006

    Journal: New Ideas...

    Alright, I'm having a journal on here to so why not make the first entry? All my posts shall be labled, either Plot Bunny, Journal, Teaser, or Updates...I guess maybe News as well. Anyway, This blog was started today, the second of June (so I remember).

    Oh right, this is a journal. I have recently caught a Auron plot bunny and it may develop in to a fic [one-shot] called Reason for Living. I'm not sure yet but maybe. I have added on a little more to Casanova, and I am also adding (bit by bit) to my Seifer one-shot, A Romantic Dream.

    If anyone (who comes by) wants, leave a comment to request a teaser (avalible for one-shots and chaptered fics as long as I have stuff written), story summary (if any), and basically whatever comes to mind! Alright, hopefully I'll be back tomorrow with another entry...I'm lazy so I might not...but who knows? Alright, Shay saying...Later Days~!

    Teh Hikari-chan apologizes for any typos made...please do not bother to correct her because she'd be too lazy to fix them any way. ^^

    Teaser: Casanova [You/Riku]

    This is the beginning of my latest project, entitled Casanova, which is a Reader/Riku One-Shot.

    "Another wonderful day…"You mutter dryly as you examine yourself in your full-view mirror. It just so happens…that your dear old mom had decided to pick your attire for the day…and it included one of your least favorite things in the world…a [1]skirt. And it wasn’t just any skirt, oh no…it just had to be…a miniskirt. You know, like the ones that Roy Mustang, from Full Metal Alchemist, likes so much. And to make matters And to make matters worse, the ensemble also included a frilly, pink, and irritatingly puffy sweater. Honestly! Who in their right mind would actually wear an outfit such as this? You glare at your reflection, not at all liking that the skirt only fell a little past mid-thigh. So you’re slightly body conscious…who isn’t?

    "(f/n)! You’re going to be late for school!" Your mom calls from downstairs. You groan softly…today would be a wonderful day to skip school entirely. After some quick thinking your pull on a pair of shorts to wear under the skirt and decide that you would ditch the sweater as soon as you are far enough away that your mom won’t notice.

    With a small sigh, you grab your school things and hurry out of your room and down the stairs. After saying a quick goodbye to your mom, you rush out the door…leaving a brown paper package sitting on the kitchen counter…your lunch for the day.

    You shudder very slightly, your mom is watching you, her (color) eyes peering at you from behind a window. She must be making sure that you don’t try anything…it would be close but you would get rid of the sweater. Sometimes it sucked to live so close to the school, Destiny High.

    You quicken your pace, and as soon as your house is no longer in sight, you stop and begin to peel the sweater off of your body. After a moment’s struggle, the pink thing dangles from your arms, leaving you in a (color) tank top…and the hem barely covers your stomach. Quickly, as to not arouse any suspicion, you shove the garment into the bushes…perhaps the person who finds it would like it. But considering how frilly and fluffy it is…I seriously doubt that.

    After stowing the sweater in the bushes you continue on your way again, but you immediately regret getting rid of the thing. It is near fall, meaning that the weather isn’t exactly warm. You shiver slightly as a particularly cool breeze brushes past you, causing your (h/c) hair to sway.

    "Well…at least Riku didn’t see me in that horrible thing." You say blandly, referring to your best friend. You had known him since forever and more importantly…he was the one whom you had sworn your heart to. Riku…he is the guy of your dreams…but there is a tiny catch. He’s a damn big flirt!

    "Hmm? Did someone call my name?" A particularly cocky voice catches your ear and you sigh…you would know that voice anywhere…even if you were blind, on the verge of death and wearing that ridiculous sweater.

    "Riku…" You mutter. You turn and your suspicions are confirmed, for none other than the silver haired god himself is standing before you. (e/c) meets aquamarine for one second, and in this second is all it takes for you to note the surprise in Riku’s eyes.

    "Your outfit….it’s nice." Riku tells you, his eyes giving you a quick once over. In all those years of being your best friend…never had Riku seen you in a skirt…hell, you had never even worn a dress…not even to the Valentine’s Day Dance, which you had shown up to in jeans and a nice blouse.

    "Oh shut up." You say quickly, turning your head to keep the taller boy from seeing your blush. At age seventeen, Riku was the hottest student at Destiny High…it was a mutual agreement among the entire student body. And one of the worse things about it…was that Riku knew he was all that…and maybe even more. You shiver again…it really is getting rather chilly…should you go back for the sweater? You shudder again…freezing to death seems much better than wearing that thing again. "Oh crap."

    "What is it?" Riku asks you, his voice slightly worried.

    "I have to go back and get that stupid sweater from the bushes. Mom’s going to know that I got rid of it if I’m not wearing it when I go home." You groan. But just as you’re about to turn and head back the way you came…a flash of pink catches your eye.

    "You mean this sweater?"

    Your eyes widen in disgust as they land on the pink frilly sweater….the one in Riku’s outstretched hand. On Riku’s handsome face is a cocky smirk. He knows just how much you dislike clothes like that…and this provides him with a perfect opportunity to mock you.

    "Yes….that’s the one." You reply, looking none to pleased. Looking from side to side, as to make sure that no one you know is around, you quickly grab the horrid thing from Riku. Aquamarine eyes widen a bit in surprise.

    "Are you going to explain or will I have to ask?" Riku looks at the sweater and turns his eyes back to you. From the style of the sweater and your words, he could kind of guess your situation…but he didn’t want to assume. After all, [2]assuming makes an ass out of you and me.

    "My mom went on one of her shopping sprees and decided to pick me up a little something. She knows I hate this sort of stuff…but you know her. She won’t let me not wear something she buys at least once." You tell Riku, confirming his thoughts. And instead of feeling sympathetic to your situation the stupid, hot, sliver haired, hot, idiotic, hot, teenager laughs. Did I say that he was hot?

    You fight back an urge to smile as you see the laid back grin that appears on Riku’s face as he laughs. His aquamarine eyes shine with mirth and his chest shakes as each melodic note leaves his lips. It’s as if time has stopped…the only existing things are you and Riku. Riku laughs, and you watch him, torn between anger and amusement. If only he wasn’t your best friend…if only he wasn’t such a lady killer…if only he wasn’t Riku. If he wasn’t…then maybe...maybe your feelings would be noticed.

    This story has been posted, on 6/8/06, on both FOSFF and LA.


    Yay! This is Hikari_no_Kage, a RI and (semi) CYOA authoress at Lunaescence Archives, and Freedom of Speech Fan Fiction! I've decided to make a blog to act as my journal, so I will be posting update information, teasers as well as some other things! I hope (if anyone finds this place) you enjoy your stay! Teh Hikari (or Shay-chan) says...Later Days~!